Political Leaders Respond to Kale Kayihura’s Detention

Since former Inspector General of Police General Kale Kayihura’s detention yesterday evening, there have been various reactions from prominent public personalities.

The former Chief of Defence Forces Maj. General Mugisha Muntu who once warned the then IGP Kayihura on his conduct while in the force shared his reaction on his Twitter handle.

One time Forum for Democratic Change President Muntu tweeted, “We must remember amidst the excitement of the times that our goal is to remove the dictatorship and build a better country for our people, not to gloat or be spectators. The reasons for which we fight remains. Let us not be distracted by counting scores!”

Former presidential candidate and a man who suffered at the hands of Kayihura’s Police Dr. Kizza Besigye said “When you allow to be a tool & prove to be a good one, you'll be used most, wear out fast, have no more use & be disposed of. It's the choices we make.”   He offered his sympathy and prayers the embattled former IGP as well as his family.


Dr. Besigye was sprayed with pepper spray that almost blinded him in the build up of the 2011, general elections.

In 2016, Dr.Besigye and a team of private lawyers also separately filed a criminal case against Kale Kayihura and other senior commanders for their involvement in the July 2016 beatings. These proceedings were later halted by the then Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma.

Democratic Party’s Norbert Mao quoted Aeschylus; from 'Prometheus Bound'; circa 430 BC, "In every tyrant's heart there springs in the end this poison, that he cannot trust a friend."

Perhaps the most personal and pained was shared by lawyer and activist Edgar Muvunyi Tabaro.

“"Folks, I've prayed over the Kayihura predicament finds himself in. That I read the Bible last night as I always do. That verse caught my attention.

We have a PM Ndugu RR and Ex PM SC Amama Mbabazi. We got ex Ministers Manzi Ephraim Tumubweine,  Sam Kwizera Bitangaro and Dr.  James Nsaba Buturo.

We all know how they conduct [ed] themselves in corridors of power. I don't want to pass judgement but we all have our experiences with each one of them. Power is to be used to serve humanity not for self aggrandizement.

Gen. Kale maternal grandma Sophie Nyamihana was a relation of my maternal grandmother (same relation with Auntie Alvera Ngoga who is a member here) as such I got no ill will towards him.

It's an abomination in Kinyarwanda culture to hand over a refugee to their pursuers. Ikizire cyane Cyane. Under international, it's a crime against humanity. Kale handed over refugees to a country in the region whose record is all patently clear for all to make an informed decision as to whether it was wise of Kale to do so.

He openly defended torture. It's sordid and base.  Cruel to do so. It remains a terrible bloat on our national conscience.

He invaded a court room aided by Kitatta. An IGP associating himself with such?

Lastly on a very personal and sad note,  Andrew Felix Kaweesi was a personal friend from high school. We lived in the same neighborhood of Ntinda (he was adopted by Vincent Musubire ex PRO Greenland Bank and later PPS to the VP).

I had coffee with AFK at Romeo's 43 hours before he was assassinated. We had laid great plans for Bwebajja Academy to turn into an elite Police and Security Academy for East Africa and the Great Lakes Region.

People should take responsibility for their actions or inactions. I will not associate myself with any Bafumbira community efforts to intercede for Kale.  Let him have his day in court.

Folks, if my post is offensive feel free to exit me.

Be blessed richly now and always.”


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