2018 UCE "grading" system: D1 to start at 95% , F9 at 49%

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With the Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb) set to release results for last year's national exams, a proposed grading system for the Uganda Certificate  of Education (O-Level) examinations has whipped up a storm on social media.

The proposed guide was posted on Uneb's Facebook page on January 7, 2019 at 11.32 am.

Efforts to talk to the Uneb executive secretary Dan Odongo were futile as he did not pick our calls.

According to the grading system on the Facebook page, a D1 will range from 95% to 100% while an F9 will start at 0 to 49%.

The controversial post


Many people on social media wondered how the body could come up which such an unfair grading system, which they feared could exacerbate the divide between those who study in the so called first world schools and those in rural schools.

A one James Ogwal said: "I just think common sense Is no longer Common. The owner of this proposal MUST be arrested, bailed, re-arrested and then sacked from the board!"

Sonnie David said those who came up with the proposal should first post their certificates so that people know what they got.

Steve Wod Rwot wondered: "How do they expect even bright children from rural schools, where teachers first ride boda boda or go to dig to make ends meet before they go to class, to pass and gain admission to top schools with those grading?"

Watuwa Jim James said this grading is very unfair and wrong.

"You are like saying that a person who has the money is the one who is brilliant."

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