Changing MPs every election cycle not productive, minister tells voters

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Changing MPs every election cycle not productive, minister tells voters
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The State Minister for Cooperatives, Mr Fredrick Ngobi, has warned voters in Bunyole West constituency against changing their Members of Parliament in every election cycle.

The minister said such a move cripples service delivery in the area since leaders will tend to focus much on short-term political gains rather than long-term developmental projects.

Ahead of the 2026 elections, almost all those who contested and lost in the last election in Bunyole West in Butaleja District have already picked interest in unseating incumbent Geoffrey Mutiwa.

The potential candidates include former area legislator James Waluswaka.

"Some of them who are coming are once leaders who failed to deliver their mandate and were thrown out. So, instead of them leaving us to serve they're there confusing locals," MP Mutiwa said.

Given the history that the constituency has never voted their member of parliament for a second term, there are fears that this might again surface in 2026 polls.

However, Minister Ngobi says the pattern by electorate to only give an MP one term will hamper service delivery.

The minister, who was speaking at the launch of a cooperative in Busolwe Town Council, said when a political leader gets to know that he's only serving for one term, they only focus on enriching themselves.

"If you're going to change your MPs like new shirts, it's up to you. At our place, we give leaders time to settle and get used to Parliament because we believe when they do so, they can lobby better," Ngobi told Butaleja population

The minister's concern comes at a time MP Mutiwa appears to be overwhelmed with high demands from his electorate due to the service delivery gap.

"Rural electrification, several villages are not connected to the national grid, talk about health facilities," Mutiwa reeled off the list of challenging demands.

Since its creation, Bunyole West has had three members of parliament, all serving for one term.

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