Kirumira protests Nalufenya detention; Court withdraws charges against him

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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Former Old Kampala and Buyende DPC Muhammad Kirumira has protested against confinement at Nalufenya detention facility.

Following his remand at Railway police station detention centre, Kirumira was last week mysteriously transferred to Nalufenya.

On Thursday, the police officer complained to the police court chaired by Senior Commissioner of Police Denis Odongpiny that he was transferred against his will to Nalufenya in Jinja district.

“You remanded me to Railway police station but I was taken at night to Nalufenya where I cannot communicate to my relatives,”Kirumira complained.

He accused authorities in the force of being behind the move to be taken to Nalufenya as a form of punishment which he said was a violation of his rights.

Kirumira questioned the move by the police Flying Squad to forcefully drag him to Nalufenya at mid night against his will.

“They(Flying Squad) have no offence against me but arrested and dragged me to Nalufenya .If it was PSU(Professional Standards Unit) who have a charge against me over my conduct I would not have a problem with it but Flying Squad which has nothing against me is wrong.”

He also accused the police prosecutor, Senior Superintendent of Police Catherine Kusemereire of being behind the move to have him transferred to Nalufenya.

The police officer asked that court reinstates his bail so he could return home to look after his pregnant wife whom he said is soon giving birth.

However in response, Kusemereire denied any involvement in the transfer of the police officer to Nalufenya.

“I am not the one who ordered for his detention in Nalufenya but I oppose reinstatement of his bail because he would not only interfere with witnesses but also scandalise the police force with his statements which puts our lives in danger,”Kusemereire argued.

The court chairman noted that he sympathises with Kirumira but noted he would rule on the application for bail by the police officer next week.

Charges dropped
The police court on Thursday dropped two charges against Muhammad Kirumira, the former Old Kampala and Buyende DPC.

Kirumira was accused of unnecessary exercise of authority contrary to section 44 of the Police Act while still the OC station for Nansana he tortured one Pius Kato by beating him with wires and cut his right thumb.

However, the prosecutor Senior Superintendent of Police Catherine Kusemereire told court that Kato had died and the case could not continue.

“I called his wife and she told me her husband had died. I pray the charge of unnecessary exercise of authority is dropped,”Kusemereire said.

The prosecutor also asked court to drop charges in relation to discreditable and irregular conduct contrary to section 12 of the Police Act.

The court chairman accepted to drop the two charges against Kirumira.

“You are now at liberty as far as these charges are concerned, “said Odongpiny.
Meanwhile, Kirumira questioned the court’s procedure of not allowing him legal representation during the disciplinary proceedings.

He said it is a violation of his rights for court to stopping legal representation adding that the court was quoting the sentencing guidelines which don’t take into account the Constitution and Police Act.

“You have denied me rights to legal representation and presumption of innocence by stopping me from legal representation .The sentencing guidelines are not a statute or an act of parliament but a mere book made by legal officers from the police legal department,”Kirumira said.

However in response, the court chairman Senior Commissioner of Police Denis Odongpiny advised the police officer to challenge the guidelines in the Constitutional court.
The case was adjourned to next week.

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