VAR: Did Kenzo actually shed a tear?


I had suspended this column previously to deal with a few matters at my work. I got some space today to follow a few things that have happened on social media and maybe try pen down something. I have a feeling most of you enjoyed the column (this is when I speak like Bebe Cool)- Mbalina.

Well, my intention was drawn to a few clips and photomontages I have seen of our own Eddy Kenzo trying to get in contact with his tears. Kenzo is the one who failed to renew the contract of his want-away prolific striker Rema.

Just like Wenger, he assumed that the striker would stay because of flair and semi-tiki taka, he could not even give the striker the armband in negotiations. Just like that, Hamza looked for the striker’s signature. The striker is now busy training in preparation for the first late-night match at Hamza’s, but Kenzo is shedding tears and wants to die!

In his defence, Kenzo claims that the striker scored many goals but life with that striker is hard that at one time he had to leave the entire stadium for the striker since both could not accommodate each other.

However, that is not his biggest issue, Kenzo claims that the striker’s agent Muzaata made comments that hurt him to his skin. According to Kenzo, Muzaata said that no matter the goals the striker would have scored, there was not going to be silverware or title to be won.

It would be just for playing kawoowo like Arsenal and the biggest achievement would be CHARMpions’ league the next season. Muzaata thanked the striker for putting in a transfer request early enough. I think he also said something about Kenzo’s behavior in the dressing room which I kinda did not catch, but I think the striker’s agent said so many things GAYnerally, just like Kenzo claims.

Kenzo in a meltdown of emotions claims he does not deserve all this, he feels like he no longer has the energy for food, he can’t sleep. All he does now is think about his mother.  Kenzo wants to die, yes he does. Mbu his life is now real volongoto and he wants the government to intervene.

“Uganda Government where are you?” he asked, with about three tears in his eyes.

But wait, did Kenzo actually cry? Without a doubt NO! that must have been an allergy may be. There is no time to waste to contact the VAR. Manyi ba fan ba Kenzo temuli basanyufu naye kasita ntusizaawano olulimi oluganda.


The writer is a private contributor to the Nile Post and his views are completely independent and not by the publication.



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