Buy a ticket, support or shut up, your negative comments on Airline won't fly out your personal misery


The Uganda Airline made their maiden flight to Nairobi yesterday, amidst a storm of negative comments from a section of the ‘we always have something bad to say however good things are”.

This team that was ably led by the chronically negative tweeps and keyboard worriers went about the negatives of the Airline, from the food they assumed would be served on board, to trivial issues like hand-written boarding passes for passangers/passengers who were drafted in at last minute.

Well, as I have already mentioned in one of my previous rants, it is not always up to some of you to determine what is negative and positive about something.

An Airline, our very own has hit the skies after several years of absence, it may not really highlight the good things you have watched about Airlines in your movies and dreams, it won't exactly have everything going the way you want it, so what is your point?

If it can fly and land for its first day, that is positive enough, if they are using Nice Clear pens to write on boarding passes for the passengers who are not flying commercial, your issue should be valid if the ink dries up.

If you think they didn’t spell certain things on the boarding passes for their non-commercial flight, you won’t die if you let it pass. It will not fly out your personal misery.

The Airline is an achievement we should all embrace and speak very good of, and if we can’t afford a matter than easy, we should look at other things we can divert the negative energy. For instance, let us abuse Pogba, Rashford and Manchester United, those fools missed two crucial penalties one after another.

Someone without control of their personal life now wants to determine how to control a Nairobi bound Bombardier! How? The Airline doesn’t stand at the mercy of certain people whose only achievement is downloading VPN or registering SIM Cards in their actual names.

Specific people are already prophesying doom and discouraging whoever they can get hold of, that the Airline is whack, ah ah yet the same people have not even been on a bus to Gulu.

Of what benefit is it, for you to say everything bad about this Airline when you struggled to text from a taxi back seat where you are sat four passengers instead of three?! There is no way we shall get the fill of our plates, we won't get long-lived happiness, we won't even find the satisfaction in staying on the ground to preach negativity when we can fly the Crane to memorable destinations to obtain inner therapy.

It is up to you, if you feel you will get your supper by decampaigning the Airline, type away, but I think you should support this revived Airline, market it, buy a ticket or shut up.

The writer is a private contributor to the Nile Post

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