Emyooga cash changes fortunes for Tororo women

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Emyooga cash changes fortunes for Tororo women
Some of Emyooga beneficiaries.

In Bukedi Region, women have traditionally faced various socio-economic challenges, including limited access to financial resources and opportunities for growth but through Emyooga, they have been  able to overcome cultural barriers where they are traditionally viewed solely as homemakers and are now recognized as breadwinners in their households.

Through Emyooga, women in the area have got  financial assistance, training, and resources directly through their saccos.

Grace Dwo, a resident of Paya Village, Paya Sub-county, Tororo District and treasurer of West Budaama East welders Sacco, said that because of Emyooga, she ventured into welding, a business that was known for men and is earning a lot out of it.

"I have my welding machine which I operate in the town centre and it is giving me some good profit .  I can as well manage to pay for my children that money they need for school and also take care of myself plus my family,” Dwo said.

She said that before Emyooga, her hands were tied as she didn't have any business running because she didn't have capital.

" I was just there not knowing where to  even get money to educate my children. When Emyooga came, everything has changed.”

She hailed government for this great opportunity and appealed to all women who are not yet into saccos, to join them and get capital because the interest rate is very low compared to that of money lenders.

"I managed to pay my loan because the interest rate was at 8% per annum, and this enabled me to save and  also invest in cattle keeping and all my children are steadily studying all because of Emyooga" she said.

Amanda Josephine Omala, one of the beneficiaries hailed Minister Haruna Kasolo and Microfinance Support Centre for training them saying their society is growing because women now have money.

" We used not to have money in our pockets but nowadays, we wake up early like men and go to work because we got capital. My fish business is now helping me teach a doctor in making at the university and in few years he might be the next minister."

Minister Haruna Kasolo speaks to beneficiaries

Joseph Tukamushaba, the Head of Emyooga Secretariat while addressing the people of west Budaama North East and West Budaama North, noted that their focus is going to change from just the institution(sacco) to individual enterprises.

"Emyooga as a program is not just about the shs30 million. It is about us and how we can use local resources to changes our own lives and this has to happen from here. In our journey of transformation, we have talked about capital, and capital is not only about money, capital also need our brains. “

Haruna Kasolo, the Minister of State for Microfinance emphasized the importance of utilizing this opportunity to eradicate poverty from households through the creation of income-generating businesses.

The minister noted that these programs were designed to provide Ugandans with affordable capital to facilitate the growth of their businesses.

"For me I want to see every Ugandan engage in economic activity. We don't have to be poor. Why should you be poor when others are not? You don't have to be poor."

He warned loan defaulters and ordered the RDC  to handle them and make sure they pay back the money.

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