We shall fight poverty and its agents- Minister Kasolo

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We shall fight poverty and its agents- Minister Kasolo
Minister Haruna Kasolo speaks to beneficiaries

Microfinance Minister Haruna Kasolo Kyeyune has vowed to wipe out agents of poverty in communities especially those crippling government's intervention initiated to eradicate poverty such as Emyooga, Parish Development model among others.

He said this as  he delivered economic lecture to Emyooga beneficiaries in Tororo district who convened at the municipal council premises.

According to Minister Kasolo, whoever is involved in abusing funds geared towards eradicating poverty and realising social economic transformation is an agent of poverty .

Kasolo also tasked locals to start businesses  with little capital.

"If you have shs50,000, it is enough capital to start a business. The money you are saving today, will save your life tomorrow. But if you don't , what will save you when abandoned by your wife , children , relatives and neighbors or everyone close to you ? " .

In order to actualize the poverty eradication, economic transformation, Kasolo tasked Ugandans to spend money wisely.

"Try to be mean. Even if your sister comes to you requesting for free money, tell her you don't have.

Add up how much you have been donating. It is too much."

"Alcohol is for those who are rich and are at liberty to enjoy leisure. The second category, is those people that have lost hope in life, hopeless and what are left with is to drink. They sleep in the road," Kasolo observed.

He thus urged Ugandans to desist from spending money on luxurious things that don't add up on their wealth creation journey hence poverty is in the head.

Kasolo  also warned of government' s determination to compel people create wealth.

"If you don't want to create wealth voluntarily, we shall force you to create wealth."

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