Kigezi, Sheema Journalists Celebrate Press Freedom, Plant Trees for the Planet

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Kigezi, Sheema Journalists Celebrate Press Freedom, Plant Trees for the Planet
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Journalists from the Kigezi Sub-Region and Sheema District joined forces for a vibrant World Press Freedom Day celebration in Kabale District. The event, graced by high-profile figures like Minister Milly Babalanda and Minister Chris Baryomunsi, highlighted the critical role a free press plays in society.

The day began with a lively parade through Kabale Town, leading to the official opening of the Kabale Media Practitioners Association's office. This launch resonated with the theme of this year's World Press Freedom Day: "A Press for the Planet, Journalism in the Face of Environmental Crisis." To further emphasize this theme, five trees were planted in the mayor's gardens.

Esther Kukundakwe, head of the Kabale Media Association, stressed the importance of the day and the core principles of a free press. She also raised concerns about journalists' wages, urging for improvements to allow them to perform their duties effectively.

Several speakers, including local officials and the Kabale RDC, echoed the sentiment of journalists being crucial environmental advocates. They called for better pay for media personnel and encouraged collaboration between journalists, communities, leaders, and security agencies to address pressing environmental issues.

Minister Baryomunsi emphasized the importance of journalists upholding integrity and neutrality, while also collaborating with the government to fulfill their responsibilities.

Minister Babalanda, the guest of honour, commended the Kabale Media Fraternity and highlighted the newly launched association as a significant milestone for journalism in the region. She urged the media to actively support government programs and promote the presidential directive on wetland protection for environmental conservation.

The day also saw the launch of a fundraising drive for a multimedia digital hub, aiming to enhance media infrastructure in the region. The project, with a target of 200 million Ugandan Shillings, received a positive response, with initial contributions and pledges already reaching 16 million Shillings and 10 computers.

Kabale's World Press Freedom Day celebrations were a testament to the enduring importance of a free press in fostering transparency, accountability, and environmental stewardship in society.

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