Reject UK Sanctions in totality- RCC Job Matua

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Reject UK Sanctions in totality- RCC Job Matua
Job Matua

In a resolute declaration against what he perceives as unjustifiable interference, Arua Resident City Commissioner (RCC) Job Matua has vehemently called for the rejection of the recent sanctions imposed by the United Kingdom on Ugandan officials allegedly involved in corruption: the Speaker of Parliament Anita Among who also double as Bukedea District Woman Representative and former Ministers Agnes Nandutu, and Mary Goretti Kitutu.

Known for his unwavering stance against corruption, Matua emphasized both trust in Uganda's leadership and the imperative to uphold the nation's judicial sovereignty.

During the candid interview, first slipped through his gratitude to President Museveni for his appointment as the RCC of Arua City, a position he says is integral to combating corruption and fostering patriotism, asserting President Museveni's commitment to eradicating corruption in Uganda.

Spotlighting the UK sanctions levied against the Speaker of Parliament and two former ministers, Matua clarified that it was the concerted effort of Ugandan state agencies and citizens that brought attention to the "Mabaati scandal," not the UK government.

He further elaborated that the ongoing prosecution of those implicated in the corruption case as evidence of Uganda's commitment to combating corruption through its own judicial processes.

Matua went on and characterise the UK sanctions as unwarranted interference and a lack of confidence in Uganda's judiciary.

"The UK Sanctions are not in good faith. Reject them in totality." He labelled them as a form of attempted imperialism and a blatant undermining of Ugandan institutions.

Matua argued that the UK should have awaited the verdict of the Uganda Judicial system before resorting to sanctions, highlighting the importance of respecting due process.

While acknowledging the potential efficacy of sanctions in certain contexts, Matua advocated for a diplomatic approach over punitive measures. Moving forward, Matua stressed that the mutual dependence of nations in the international arena, urging collaboration rather than confrontation.

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