Publishers call for government backed national book policy

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Publishers call for government backed national book policy
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In a significant move towards fostering a comprehensive reading culture, Martin Okia, a prominent publisher, has spearheaded the proposal for a national book policy that goes beyond the traditional focus on academic textbooks.

This policy is designed to encompass a wide variety of books, including those aimed at general knowledge, innovation, entertainment, and much more.

The proposal calls on the government to allocate dedicated funds to procure a diverse range of literary works, thereby encouraging a culture of reading for pleasure and lifelong learning, rather than solely for examinations.

"Our goal is to transform the reading habits of our nation," said Okia.

"We want to cultivate a society where people read to expand their horizons, gain new insights, and be inspired, not just to pass exams."

The proposed policy has already gained traction within the upper echelons of the Ministry of Education.

Notably, the Education Policy Review Commission has been actively engaged in discussions to refine and implement this visionary plan.

The policy's advocates argue that it is crucial for the government to invest in a broad spectrum of literary resources to nurture an informed, innovative, and culturally rich society.

"Books are a cornerstone of knowledge and creativity. By supporting this policy, the government has the opportunity to unlock the full potential of our citizens, fostering an environment where intellectual curiosity and creativity can thrive," Okia said.

The proposal underscores the necessity of breaking away from the traditional, exam-centric approach to education.

It aims to introduce a more holistic educational experience, where individuals of all ages can access a wealth of information and entertainment, enriching their lives in numerous ways.

"This is about more than just books; it's about shaping the future of our society.We need to invest in our people by providing them with the tools they need to succeed in all aspects of life. A robust reading culture is essential for this development."

By committing to this national book policy,  government can make a lasting impact on the nation's educational landscape, promoting a culture that values knowledge, creativity, and continuous learning.

The hope is that this initiative will ignite a passion for reading across all demographics, leading to a more enlightened and engaged populace.

Okia and his team are calling on the government to take decisive action and set aside the necessary funds to make this vision a reality.

"We have the potential to create a brighter, more informed future, but we need the support of our government to make it happen."

This call to action is a clarion call for a transformative approach to education and literacy, one that will benefit generations to come.

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