UPDF engineers urged of discipline, continuous learning

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UPDF engineers urged of discipline, continuous learning
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Brig Gen Cyrus Besigye Bekunda, Chief Joint Staff Engineer, has called on newly graduated combat engineers and explosive experts to maintain strict discipline and pursue continuous education to excel in their military careers.

Addressing 255 graduates from the School of Combat Engineers in Mubende District, Brig Gen Bekunda stressed the importance of ongoing professional development for career advancement.

“Discipline and willingness to upgrade will give you a good life in the army,” Brig Gen Bekunda emphasized, as he congratulated 204 graduates from Combat Engineering Level III and 51 from Explosive Ordnance Devices/Improvised Explosive Devices (EOD/IED) Level II.

He praised the school's evolution from a single building block to a comprehensive training institution and urged graduates to aim for higher levels of training to enhance their promotion prospects.

Highlighting the significance of discipline, Brig Gen Bekunda advised the graduates to avoid alcohol abuse and other vices to ensure a long and healthy service life.

He also mentioned the Ministry of Defence and Veterans Affairs' commitment to acquiring motor vehicle bridge equipment and prioritizing it in the budget.

The commandant of the School of Combat Engineers, Col. Wilson Kabeera, expressed his gratitude to the army leadership for their support.

He underscored the importance of the training provided, which covers critical aspects such as rigging, demolition, mine warfare, and EOD task management.

Col. Kabeera emphasized the need for comprehensive training to prepare soldiers for various scenarios, including urban military breaching and NBC defense.

He  urged the graduates to continue exhibiting discipline and a positive mindset in their future assignments.

The ceremony was attended by senior UPDF officers, including Brig Peter Ongiya Candia, Commandant of the Mechanized Brigade, and Col RC Wakayinja, Acting Commander of the 14 Combat Engineering Brigade.

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