Besigye unveils plan to reactivate ‘Power Ten’ pressure group

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Besigye unveils plan to reactivate ‘Power Ten’ pressure group
Dr Kizza Besigye addressing FDC leaders and supporters at Lango Quran Primary school playground on May 3, 2024. Isaac Otwii

The Forum for Democratic Change's Dr Kizza Besigye has unveiled plans to start recruitment of the 'Power 10' pressure group across the country ahead of the 2026 general elections.

Dr Besigye made the remarks at Lango Quran primary school playground where he met FDC Party leaders from different districts across Lango Sub-region, emphasising the need for a civilian government.

“We are going to build a command from the ten people just like those who are armed. I have the last duty to do, I am going to command the forces without guns to defeat the guns of Museveni,” says the four-time presidential contender.

However, Dr Besigye discouraged his supporters from taking up arms to get into power, saying it could have a long-term effect on the country’s stability.

“Don’t forget I was with Museveni in the bush, and we were fighting. I had left my job as a medical doctor to fight so that we can live in a country where we are equal, and we even put it in writing,” said Dr Besigye.

The opposition politician added “We defeated the government that was there but the guns we came with from the bush are the same guns that are harassing me today and they are the guns that are harassing the whole country,”

Dr Besigye, accompanied by the Forum for Democratic Change Katonga faction, is currently on a nationwide consultation for party leaders to seek opinions regarding the impasses within the FDC Party.

While addressing the party leaders, Dr Besigye decried the high level of poverty in Northern Uganda coupled with the increasing cost of living in the country.

Dr Besigye also voiced concerns over the plight of fishing communities in the country, saying there is a need for the withdrawal of the forces from managing fishing activities.

“You hear what is happening in Lango, still killing fishermen who are just trying to earn a living by catching fish. They are firing at them and killing them,” Dr Besigye said on Friday.

For their part, the FDC leaders in Lango Sub-region in a statement read by Bonny Gongson Otyama, an FDC member, Okayed the formation of a new political party following the breakout within the FDC Party.

“After a long deliberation, members arrived by consensus that we move into the formation of a new political party with a spirit of togetherness and alliance with all political forces for change,” says Otyama.

Dr Besigye and the Katonga faction leaders now head to the Acholi Sub-region, where they will hold a consultation meeting in Gulu City.

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