Activists welcome EU Parliament resolution on stopping EACOP

Activists from the African Centre for a Green Economy (CGE) have welcomed the European Parliament resolution on delaying the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP).

Dr. Mao Amis, who is the executive director of CGE said in a statement that the position taken by the European Parliament, if implemented, will safeguard critical ecosystems and local livelihoods in both Uganda and Tanzania.

“In addition to that, the envisaged costs of EACOP are prohibitive, and will not be a good return on investments to transform the livelihoods of the most vulnerable people in the region,” Amis said.

The European Parliament, in the resolution they passed on Wednesday said that EACOP will increase human rights violations in the areas it set to pass.

They unanimously urged TotalEnergies to postpone the project, in order to enable feasible studies to explore an alternative route to safeguard protected and sensitive ecosystems and the water resources of Uganda and Tanzania.

The EU legislators also urged TotalEnergies to explore alternatives in order to reduce the potential vulnerability of watersheds in the African Green Lakes region.

CGE’s Amis added that with the already existing challenges of poor governance and lack of capacity in Uganda, the oil project will not and cannot extensively contribute to solving the country’s socio-economic challenges as envisioned.

“Besides that, Uganda’s oil risks being a stranded asset in the future which will lead to significant losses for the government,” he added.

Activists from the Green Futures Initiative in Uganda, Fridays for Future Uganda among others also welcomed the European Parliament resolution.

They argue that EACOP, which is set to be the longest heated crude oil pipeline in the world, will lead to approximately 12,000 families being displaced from their ancestral lands.

They said that farmlands which are a source of income and food to most people living in these communities are also being destroyed, while locals still report that no fair compensation has been paid.

President Museveni, in a statement on Friday, assured Ugandans that nothing can stop works at EACOP.

The president insisted that nothing can change what has already been agreed upon for the construction of the pipeline.

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