Ask the mechanic: Why you should do timely car service

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We all love our cars so much that we do not want any dent or scratch on them. However, it often happens that we forget to take care of our beloved vehicles. Neglecting the maintenance for long can have adverse effects on our car that turns into costly repairs later. You need to understand that car is also a machine that needs care and consideration from owners. Having timely maintenance or tyre replacement gives you numerous benefits in terms of functionality and performance. These benefits include:


Having regular maintenance on engine, body or tyres gives your vehicle an improved reliability. Nobody wants to drive a car that ditches you in the middle of the road. It is the responsibility of an owner to keep the car maintained to full functionality. Your car needs frequent maintenance to prevent high costs damage or repairs later. Never delay the process of maintenance or else it compromises the reliability and performance.


Timely maintenance addresses minor issues on the spot that may turn into expensive repair later. For instance, if you address the timely gearshift issue, it may save you the hassle to go for costly and time-consuming transmission repair process. The longer we delay due maintenance, the more expensive repair will happen, so it is better to have your vehicle maintained in due time to keep its powerful performance throughout the cycle.


Another benefit of timely auto maintenance is the increase in resale value for your vehicle. A properly maintained car with timely tyre replacement and engine conditions will attract better buyers. Many buyers remain specific about the performance and put a fair offer if they find it up to standards. Moreover, a well-maintained car also caters to the needs of the environment while minimizing roadside emergencies. All these factors help you get the best resale offer from potential buyers.


If you have knowledge about carbon footprints, you know the severity of its effects on the environment. We need to reduce these carbon footprints as much as we can to improve environmental conditions. A timely, maintained car helps in reducing carbon footprints by emitting less carbon dioxide than an ill-maintained one.


Another advantage of timely maintenance is to have fuel efficiency. Activities like tyre replacement or oil change may not look much but gives you considerable improvement in fuel consumption. Fuel efficiency depends on factors like mileage, engine condition, and load capacity. Keeping them in mind is the way to maintain a car timely and improve the economic value of fuel usage. This is one of the best benefits that keep your vehicle going.


Replacements of tyres or simple maintenance checks improves the overall safety features of a vehicle. Your safety during driving has a direct relation with the condition of engine and body. Maintaining the car according to safety checklists helps it running in a smooth manner. Moreover, it improves safety for both driver, passenger, and pedestrians while on the road. Having timely maintenance lowers the risks associated with car care and keeps a driver at peace on the road.


By now, you have a basic idea of various benefits that you have with the timely maintenance of your vehicles. Whenever you feel something unusual, approach an expert in car care to address the problem immediately. Adhere to scheduled maintenance plans to keep your car functioning for smoother performance. The small factors that you consider on time give you a considerable advantage in terms of safety, expense, and performance. If you have delayed maintenance, we recommend you to have it completed now by taking your vehicle to your mechanic.

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