UPDF introduces Arabic, and Chinese language courses

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UPDF introduces Arabic, and Chinese language courses
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The Chief of Military Intelligence, Major General James Birungi, has inaugurated the languages division and formally initiated the Arabic and Chinese language courses, in collaboration with the Makerere University School of Languages.

Major General Birungi commended the Dean of the School of Languages at Makerere University for partnering with the Uganda Peoples' Defence Forces in this commendable endeavour for the country. "This is an important milestone for the entire UPDF community and the nation," stated Major General Birungi.

He emphasized that these courses come at a crucial time when the new global order, globalization, and technological advancements have presented new opportunities and challenges.

Effective communication skills are essential to avoid ambiguities, and misunderstandings, and to navigate multicultural and complex partnerships successfully.

Major General Birungi urged the participants to remain focused and maintain a positive attitude to acquire as much knowledge as possible to excel in the course.

"This training will equip you to become certified linguists in your respective job roles, especially in interpretation, translation, and as subject matter experts in cultural affairs, among other areas."

Colonel James Muhumuza, the Commandant of the School, stated that the course aims to produce trainees who can proficiently read, listen, write, speak, and translate.

Referring to the historical significance, he highlighted the power of language as a unifying force, drawing an example from the Bible's account of the Tower of Babel. Language was utilized as a defensive tool to disintegrate the people and save God's kingdom.

Dr. Gilbert Gumoshabe, the Director of the Confucius Institute at Makerere University, expressed gratitude for entrusting Makerere University with the development of the new language curriculum.

He stressed the importance of acquiring knowledge in foreign languages other than English.

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