IGG launches probe into corruption claims within Parliament

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Inspector General of Government (IGG), Beti Olive Kamya, has announced that her office will launch an investigation into allegations of mismanagement of public offices, funds, and corruption within Parliament.

Kamya made this statement in response to mounting concerns raised by whistleblowers and members of the public regarding the inner workings of the legislative body.

"The issue in Parliament has undoubtedly sparked significant media and public interest, making it impossible to ignore," Kamya emphasized. "We have received numerous whistleblower accounts detailing various irregularities within Parliament."

Kamya also noted that her office has been inundated with petitions from ordinary citizens, urging them to intervene.

"While our mandate alone would compel us to take action, the overwhelming public interest in the integrity of Parliament, as evidenced by whistleblower accounts, petitions, and complaints, has prompted us to initiate a comprehensive investigation," she stated.

The decision to investigate comes amid growing scrutiny of Parliament and its operations.

The IGG's office, tasked with upholding accountability and combating corruption in government institutions, is now poised to delve into the affairs of the legislative body to ensure transparency and adherence to ethical standards.

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