VIDEO: Lion takes shelter with people at Kidepo National Park cafeteria

Nelson Bwire Kapo

The restaurant section at Savanah Lodge in Kidepo Valley National Park in North Eastern Uganda today beckoned an unusual visitor- A lion.

The lion walked in at about midday, sat at the cafeteria just like the guests and waited for the menu which of course was never delivered.

After several minutes of waiting while guests filmed the king of the jungle, he gathered himself up and walked away, without causing any chaos.

The event according to prominent visitors at Kidepo is a rare one. A tourism expert, Eric Ntalo said such behaviour amongst lions is expected depending on specific situations.

“Always when there is too much heat (between Midday and one) it (Lion) looks for nearby shelter to cool down.  It has no energy to attack any one, unless hungry,” Ntalo said.

And there is our gentleman, in all his glory – what a beauty of a cat !!

Posted by Diederik Vandehoeke on Friday, July 27, 2018

A travel consultant and agent, Diederik Vandehoeke posted the video of the lion hanging out at the cafeteria with caption; “And there is our gentleman, in all his glory – what a beauty of a cat !!”

On further interrogation from his fans and followers on social media, Diederick entered a quick marketing session for the Park, adding; “Kidepo Valley National Park (a real beauty) – Kidepo Savannah Lodge. Kidepo Valley is remote, wild, wild and wild … it is so much TRUE AFRICA … and has nothing to do with ‘a circus set up for tourists’. You want to see the real african bush, smell it, hear it – immerse yourself in it … go now – don’t wait – go now, now and now!! But true – always good to keep the kids on a kind of doggy-lead.”

Kidepo has a total of 132 lions, making it one of the parks with most populated parks in the country. Reports also show that over years, it is the only national park that has seen increasing population of the lions.

The common saying at the park is that: “Kidepo National Park’s lions always love visitors and will welcome them by rolling down and presenting themselves for photo opportunities.”

The park stretches 1,442 square Kilometres with two seasonal rivers Kidepo and Narusi.  Other places to find lions in Uganda include; Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park.









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