Kirumira steps down as DPC, exits police force over ‘trumped up’ charges

Kenneth Kazibwe

Kenneth Kazibwe

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Muhammad Kirumira has stepped down as the District Police Commander for Buyende district before exiting the police force, the Nile Post can reliably report.

Kirumira was recently charged with a number of offences including corruption, extortion, torture and unnecessary exercise of authority by the police tribunal and is expected back to the court on Thursday for hearing of the case to take off.

However, the police officer has announced that he is stepping down from his position as a District Police Commander on top of leaving the force to enable investigations into his case continue.

“I have resigned from the force to enable the police court fulfil their motives.I now await an official message replacing me such that I can hand over office to whoever is deemed fit,”Kirumira has said on his official social media accounts.

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Kirumira explained that he did not agree with the decision to charge him in the police tribunal over what he termed as framed up charges that he said are aimed at portraying him as a criminal his so as to dent his image.

The former Old Kampala Divisional Police Commander and officer in charge of Nansana police between 2013 and 2014 says the charges that are criminal in nature against him in the tribunal are meant to undermine his reputation, a thing he says cannot be left to go on.

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“As a senior officer who has laboured to wipe out crime without any special facilitation, I have realised that my image before the administration shall never change and given the fact that I am still a young man, I have resigned to enable them fulfil their motives.”

He added,“ Eventually, when the court makes its verdict, I will put in my official retirement application to earn my discharge letter. I want to leave the police since its clean and I am branded dirty.”

Kirumira says he will never change the decision he has made to leave the police force.

However, according to section 15 of the Police Act of 1994, no police officer may terminate their service to the force except with written permission of the appointing authority.

Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said he could only comment on a matter from official communication by the affected officer.

“We have not seen any such letter in our registry.”

According to procedure in police, even if Kirumira tenders in his resignation letter, it will not be acted upon until the trial is disposed off.

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