NRM Faces Dueling Messages: Unity vs. discord

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) in Uganda presents a multifaceted picture as it prepares for the upcoming mass registration of its leaders. While the party's First Vice President, Al-Haji Moses Kigongo, emphasizes unity and discipline, another article reveals internal turmoil threatening the legitimacy of the very process he promotes.

Kigongo's Call for Unity and Discipline:

  • Kigongo underscores the importance of working together and maintaining peace and stability for the benefit of all Ugandans.
  • He emphasizes open dialogue and problem-solving as key pillars for success and progress.
  • The training session aims to prepare NRM members for the registration process.

Internal Strife Threatens Register Update:

  • Factionalism: Various groups within the NRM, like PLU and YYM, create internal divisions.
  • Leadership Discord: Disagreement exists regarding the register update, with some CEC members reportedly opposing it.
  • Lack of Transparency: Conflicting accounts of official meetings raise concerns about cohesiveness within the leadership.
  • History of Controversy: The NRM's party register has faced accusations of inaccuracies and ghost members.

Uncertain Future:

The combined narratives paint a complex picture of the NRM's current state. Kigongo's message resonates with a call for collective action, while the other article highlights the challenges that could undermine the party's efforts. The success of the registration process and the NRM's future remain uncertain as it navigates internal discord and strives for unity.

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