ATMIS Thwarts Al-Shabaab Plot at Mogadishu Airport

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ATMIS Thwarts Al-Shabaab Plot at Mogadishu Airport
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ATMIS forces (African Union Transition Mission in Somalia) prevented a potential security breach at Mogadishu Airport. They apprehended a young boy disguised as a girl who attempted to enter the airport with suspicious metal objects.

Commander Lukwago of ATMIS Sector One praised the vigilance of his troops for identifying the suspect. He confirmed the suspect was handed over to Somali National Security for further investigation.

This isn't an isolated incident. ATMIS has previously thwarted Al-Shabaab attempts:

  • Two young boys carrying pistols were arrested in Mogadishu.
  • In September 2023, ATMIS forces at Mogadishu Seaport (under Ugandan command) intercepted a container filled with weapons (pistols, binoculars, military uniforms) likely destined for Al-Shabaab. The importer was apprehended and handed over to Somali authorities.

Commander Lukwago assures the public that ATMIS remains vigilant and has successfully handled similar situations. Ugandan ATMIS troops, responsible for securing Mogadishu and key government installations, remain on high alert.

Despite heightened security during Ramadan, no major attacks were reported thanks to ATMIS efforts.

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