Opposition rallies in limbo: Why clearance may not be forthcoming

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Opposition rallies in limbo: Why clearance may not be forthcoming
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In a move that has sparked concern among opposition parties and civil society groups, the Uganda Police Force has indicated that it may not clear political rallies for the opposition in the future.

This decision has raised questions about the state of democracy and freedom of assembly in the country.

According to sources within the police force, the decision is based on "security concerns" and the need to "maintain public order."

However, opposition leaders and human rights activists see this as a thinly veiled attempt to stifle dissent and silence political opponents.

"This is a clear attempt to gag the opposition and prevent us from reaching out to our supporters," said Betty Nambooze, a leading opposition figure.

"It's a violation of our fundamental rights and a sign of the government's growing intolerance of dissent."

The police have a history of using excessive force to disperse opposition rallies, and this move has raised fears of further repression.

"It's a recipe for disaster," said Dr. Livingstone Sewanyana, a human rights activist. "Denying the opposition the right to assemble and speak will only fuel tensions and lead to more violence."

The government has defended the decision, citing the need to maintain stability and prevent chaos. However, critics argue that this is a convenient excuse to suppress political opposition.

As the political landscape in Uganda continues to evolve, the restriction on opposition rallies raises questions about the future of democracy and political expression in the country.

Will the opposition find ways to circumvent this restriction, or will the government's grip on power tighten further? Only time will tell.

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