We have no problem with people not choosing NUP- Party.

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We have no problem with people not choosing NUP- Party.
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The National Unity Platform (NUP) has reaffirmed its commitment to political freedom and diversity, stating that it respects the rights of politicians who choose to form or join new political groups.

The party says its mission is to uphold democratic principles and the freedom of association in Uganda. This stems from the new pressure group that is taking shape in the Eastern region that initiators say has been created to represent the interests of the people in the Eastern region.

During the launch, the group explained the collective grievances that have fueled this movement. They say for long, they have been used, disappointed and betrayed by politicians who only seek to build their parties riding on their support. The Eastern Revolutionary Platform looks at bringing together people from Busoga, Teso, Bukedi, Bugisu, and Sebei to form an alliance and claim their share of the national cake.

Moses Bigirwa the group leader emphasized that they have the power of the people expressing confidence in the alliance’s potential to effect change.

‘’ We have been used and dumped, betrayed by the people we have supported for long, they only satisfy themselves’’ says Bigirwa

Political analyst Dr Patrick Wakida says as the 2026 elections draw near, such groups are bound to be formed for various political reasons including packaging themselves for sale.

‘’This country has no members of political parties, they are only supporters of individuals’’ says Wakida.

The formation of the ERP is part of a broader trend where disillusioned supporters are seeking new platforms to express their aspirations. He noted that the political landscape in Uganda is fragile, with many people aligning themselves with different parties based on changing power dynamics. He says most individuals in political parties are not committed members but supporters who can shift allegiances if a new, more promising leader or party emerges.

The National Unity Platform (NUP) Deputy Spokesperson, Alex Mufumbiro, stated that the party has no issue with individuals choosing their paths, as the NUP is committed to fighting for the freedom of every Ugandan.

Mufumbiro added that the party is not affected by these departures, and they feel the party is still very strong in the Eastern region despite efforts by some individuals to form groups.

The alliance aims to break away from traditional power structures and offer a new, inclusive platform that genuinely represents the interests of the people in the Eastern region.

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