Many faces emerging in NRM party, is the ruling party crumbling?

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Many faces emerging in NRM party, is the ruling party crumbling?
The Yellow Youth Movement

Whispers of a guerilla movement echo within the ruling NRM party, as several factions emerge, each with its own face and agenda. Analysts see them as a throwback to the party's founding days, a strategic chess game to secure NRM's grip on power in the 2026 elections.

Confusion reigns supreme: "Mzeei Tova ku Main" championed by historical figures, the "Patriotic League of Uganda" led by President Museveni's son General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, and the rumoured "YY Movement" targeting the youth. Who's who, and who serves the true NRM cause?

Some party members, bewildered by the kaleidoscope of faces, seek clarity from President Museveni himself. But seasoned observers see through the smokescreen, recognizing this as a deliberate strategy to sow confusion and maintain NRM's dominance.

EALA MP Sheilla Kawamara believes each group targets a specific demographic, casting their nets across generations: "Mzeei Tova ku Main" for the older, history-aware crowd, the "Patriotic League" aiming at Muhoozi's age bracket, and the "YY Movement" angling for the youth vote.

But beneath the many faces lies one constant: President Museveni. Whispers of another term in 2026 fuel speculation, painting this as a "guerilla movement" tactic to cover all bases and retain power.

The future remains shrouded in uncertainty. NRM party members tread cautiously, refusing to publicly endorse any group, leaving the internal dynamics and their impact on the elections an open question.

One thing's clear: the multiple faces of the NRM present a complex puzzle, raising questions about party unity, potential power struggles, and the ultimate fate of Uganda's political landscape. Only time will reveal the final play in this intricate game of power.

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