Opposition should redefine strategy


The much anticipated consultations by MPs on age limit bill has now turned chaotic and a platform for drama.

It started as if parliament and police had okayed it.

Day 1, was good for them, not until this week when their air was contaminated by tear

gas and sounds of live bullets. Already blood has been shed.

But if opposition MPs claim their goal is assume power in Uganda, are they doing the right thing with these consultations?

Opposition is betraying the public, it should rest from time-wasting consultations (like NRM MPs did and resorted to consulting only top party organs) and wait for 2021, even though it’ll be another coronation of the same Ugandan king, Museveni, but it can use this time to win majority in


No opposition in Africa has assumed power without winning majority in parliament.

You can consider Somalia, Benin, Ivory Coast.

That’s the only way to defeat Museveni.

Museveni will be passing two bills at the same time (land and age limit bills), but oppositions MPs are still spending time that is not worth it in consultations just to stay relevant for their political careers.

I am only wondering: what kind of parliament shall we have after this?

It has now turned into an issue of ‘who said it’ instead of ‘what is said.'

This is a long term cancer to all bills, good or bad.

But who’s presenting it? NRM or opposition.

Museveni has a million options about defeating opposition for the next 15  years.

Opposition needs to redefine its strategy.

They have focused on dethroning Museveni, they have forgotten power does not happen in a vacuum.

Power happens in a specific context.

A rebel now turned into president can not easily be removed by making noise at public rallies.

Opposition MPs are wasting time in consultations. The earlier they admit it, the better for them, the better for us

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