'I'll still work even if some UMA members won't approve me as their President' - Cindy Sanyu

Last year, on 8th, September, Mpaka Records’ CEO and musician, Ykee Benda  was sworn in as the President of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA. This followed the resignation of Sophie Gombya who had decided to try her luck in the political waters.

However, Ykee Benda’s tenure wasn’t rosy at all. Besides being in a heated political season that saw many musicians politically engaged thus posing a big challenge for the association, countless musicians like Eddy Kenzo, and Gravity Omutujju publicly questioned Ykee’s ability and experience to lead the association as their President.

It wasn’t long before Ykee resigned to give way to another potential candidate to take on the mantle. As his deputy, Cindy wants to step forward and fill the president's shoes. But the biggest question here is if these musicians will respect and approve of Cindy Sanyu’s leadership?

While appearing on NBS After 5, the outspoken Cindy asserted that she doesn’t need all members' approval for the position.

"Let’s say if UMA has 1,000 members and the 600 voted in my favor. I don’t care about the remaining 400 cause the truth is, it's impossible to impress everyone," she argued.

Cindy says that as president, however, she would focus on pursing the interests of all musicians under UMA.

Cindy is the Acting President of the Uganda Musicians’ Association (UMA).

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