Malaria prevalence declines in northern Uganda

The ministry of Health has said there is a tremendous decline in malaria prevalence of malaria in many parts of northern Uganda.

Speaking recently, Dr Jimmy Opigo, the program manager at the National Malaria Control in the ministry, attributedĀ  this decline to the campaign of the distribution of nets that commenced in February.

The campaign that was kicked off in Apac district covered 27 districts in northern Uganda and the West Nile sub region.

For long, northern Uganda was one of the areas badly affected by malaria, something that took a toll on the health delivery system there.

Malaria thus servedĀ  as a harsh wake up call for those responsible especially in the rural communities to take an active role in combatting it.

Over the last couple of years, the ministry of Health took the lead in this effort and reports show that the campaign has been a success.

So far a total of 17,516,859 nets have been distributed countrywide.

The distribution is accompanied by sensitization on the proper use of the mosquito nets.

Malaria remains the leading cause of death among Ugandans with at least 100,000 people dying from it every year.



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