Have Early Campaigns started?

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Have Early Campaigns started?
Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba in Masaka

Early Campaigns disguised in many purifies fundraising, thanksgiving, consultation meetings prayers and so forth are what political analysts are calling this new wave of mobilization in the political arena.

They warn that this show of power, Influence and credence will earn good political mileage but couldn’t easily be misinterpreted.

A move that started as a birthday party for first son Muhoozi Kainerugaba has since taken a different outfit one many in the political arena have picked on

The birthday turned into a movement/group with political inclination, but so was the birth of Members of parliament fundraising, the opposition took to prayers and consultative meetings and now ministers are on thanksgivings for ministerial appointments

Political analyst Gerald Kalyeija says these are Early campaigns and nothing else.

"As long as there’s any activity not sanctioned by law Politicians will take advantage and never too early to campaign and anyone in those activities wants to be on the ballot, "Kalyeija.

Kalyeija adds that because politics has become too lucrative the political pressure on the ground, even in political corridors is immerse

"Being able to carry the president and pull numbers, you are giving credence that he made the right choice not to your competitors it’s a show of power/influence. A show that you can network. It gives such Political strategy by design."

But another political commentator, Yusuf Sserunkuma argues differently.

"It should be like that if Uganda were free and really Democratic. They should be able to go back to their constituents and sell their manifesto but that doesn’t happen."


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