Reuters: Mugabe "agrees to step down"

The reuters news agency is reporting, according to the BBC, that President Robert Mugabe has agreed to step down as leader of Zimbabwe.

The news agency reports that Mugabe is now negotiating with the army on how to exit.

The army is reportedly drafting Mugabe's resignation statement.

Mugabe is scheduled to address the nation any time from now. But it remains unclear what he will say.

Many expect him to announce his resignation during the address, drawing the curtain on his tumultuous leadership of Zimbabwe.

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Mugabe, 93, was earlier today ousted as leader of the Zanu-PF, leaving him politically weakened. It was a matter of when, not if, Mugabe will step down.

Leaders of Zanu-PF gave him up to Monday to tender in his resignation or else they impeach him. His wife, Grace Mugabe, was also ousted from the party where she headed the Women's league.

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