'Police aircraft buyers should be in jail'

'Police aircraft buyers should be in jail'
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The fixed wing aircraft was acquired in 2019 for $7 million (about Shs30 billion).

A Shs30 billion aircraft that barely tasted the skies is on sale for just about half the price because the buys in Uganda Police Force got it all wrong.

Observers argue that those who procured the Aircraft should be in jail, considering the significant financial losses the country has suffered due to this ill-advised purchase.

The fixed wing aircraft was acquired in 2019 for $7 million (about Shs30 billion).

Despite the need for aircraft in police rescue and surveillance operations, it has only flown for 117 hours since acquisition.

Unlike other police helicopters, this aircraft requires a paved runway for navigation, which is impractical for police operations.

The Police have listed it on the market, with the current selling price set at 16 billion shillings.

John Musila, MP for Bubulo East, expressed regret over the wasteful purchase and emphasized that those responsible for the purchase of this aircraft should be held accountable.

Private investigator Fred Egesa concurs with Musila and wonders whether there are any steps taken to reprimand the perpetrators, despite the considerable financial loss the country has incurred.

‘‘They instead bought a luxurious aircraft instead of an operations chopper,’’ says Egesa.

Both Musila and Egesa questioned how the police procured the aircraft without prior expert analysis of what the force needs for its operations.

Musila puts the blame on civil servants who are seeking personal gain in every purchase.

Considering the demands of police rescue and operations, they require a helicopter capable of landing anywhere and operating in all conditions.

However, the purchased aircraft, despite being obtained at a high cost, comes with numerous limitations and requires a runaway.

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