PLU leadership deny forming a political party

PLU leadership deny forming a political party
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The Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU) national coordinator, David Kabanda, has denied forming a political party to compete with other parties ahead of the 2026 general elections.

Kabanda says PLU is a civic organisation and has nothing to do with politics and that they are sorely focused solely on teaching Ugandans about patriotism.

“We are not into politics," says Kabanda.

"We are promoting patriotism amongst our people. Those who want to drag us into politics, we are sorry but we are not yet there.”

After holding barazas and movements across the country many have been waiting on PLU unveiling a political party.

But Kabanda says they are sorely focused on sensitising Ugandans on patriotism.

Kabanda says they have already received six requests from six sub regions calling for these kinds of trainings.

Kabanda emphasized that these regions must be prepared to fund and accommodate the entire organization if they wish to receive their teachings on patriotism.

He said: “We shall submit these requests to the central committee of PLU to decide on where we should go next."

Bukoto South MP Twaha Kagabo says they will continue to use politicians who believe in PLU to mobilise and bring people together in these baraza.

“The challenges that our communities are facing have been brought about by political divide," he said.

"And because of that we have to engage politicians to help and lure these people to come and receive the message."

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