'Ugly' Lwengo incident shows 'rebel NUP' members have crossed the Rubicon

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'Ugly' Lwengo incident shows 'rebel NUP' members have crossed the Rubicon
Dr Abed Bwanika let his feelings known at a funeral in Lwengo | Zainab Ssengendo

Political analysts say that the bitter verbal exchanges between “rebel" NUP Masaka leaders and their party principal Robert Kyagulanyi that would later culminate into a brawl is indicative of irreconcilable differences that may give NRM the leeway to defeat NUP in the upcoming general elections if left unaddressed.

It was a bitter verbal confrontation, with tempers flaring, and a brawl ensuing shortly after.

Political observer Henry Kasacca says these ugly events do not come as a surprise as the rift in the National Unity platform more so in the Greater Masaka sub-region, has been evident.

“From the events in Lwengo, one can ably deduce that there are irreconcilable differences that the leaders seem not to admit,” Kasacca says.

To Kasacca, this leaves the party vulnerable in the subregion, a situation that is equally shared by other opposition political parties which should equally go back to the drawing board with a soul-searching mission.

“On top of the weak institutional infrastructure, the party is now faced with these big divisions “ Kasacca said

Paulson Lutamaguzi Ssemakula, Nakaseke County South MP (Democratic Party), says leaders in Greater Masaka should be take blame and regret for the ugly public outbursts.

“If you have a pressing issue, a burial ceremony is not a party headquarter, we are so fed up these so-called senior leaders who rant at events like weddings," he said.

Lutamaguzi insists that its too late for errant NUP rebel MPs to reconcile with their principal , since there is no hope of these to return to Parliament through ballot

Kyagulanyi is the one with traction and masses that rebel NUP leaders need.

“Why don’t they go and form their own party?” Lutamaguzi adds.

Nakaseke Central MP Allan Mayanja told NBS that this rift is not so irreconcilable , as the disgruntled Masaka MPs can still reach out to part leaders.

To him, Ugandans are more united than their leaders since they have common troubles that stem from poor governance.

Mayanja said Museveni is Uganda’s common enemy, and Ugandans are committed to getting rid of him.

“Our people are more united than we their leaders,” he added.

While NRM had been loosing its firm grip over the greater Masaka subregion, Mr Kasacca believes that this rift may be utilized by the NRM to make a big return , but only after great consideration.

“If NRM is calculative, and can spot anyone marketable, it can ably regain Greater Masaka,” Kasacca said.

While NUP has not dismissed its “errant" members, experts believe that it has almost dismissed them through sidelining them , and that the rift is too far from being resolved.

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