Masindi Residents Demand Action from Legislators

Masindi Residents Demand Action from Legislators
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Residents of Masindi, led by their district chairman, Dr Cosmas Byaruhanga, are expressing dissatisfaction with their legislators' focus on minor issues over crucial development projects.

Priorities and Broken Promises:

Dr. Byaruhanga highlighted the need for action on improving infrastructure like roads and the Masindi market, as well as rehabilitating Masindi hospital. He emphasized that these were key campaign promises made by the legislators in 2021, which remain unfulfilled.

Legislators Defend Themselves:

While some legislators acknowledge the unfulfilled promises, they attribute the delays to unresponsive ministries hindering their efforts.

Voters Remain Unsatisfied:

Voters, including Masindi's deputy mayor and residents, voiced their disappointment with their representatives, accusing them of neglecting their constituencies and failing to deliver on their commitments.

Call for Mentorship and Collaboration:

Dr. Byaruhanga stressed the value of mentorship for first-time legislators, urging them to seek guidance from experienced colleagues to navigate their roles effectively.

Defending Achievements:

Despite facing criticism, legislator Aledi Atugonza defended their performance, particularly in securing resources for the education sector, while acknowledging the challenges they face.

Challenges and Looking Forward:

Masindi, despite being established decades ago, continues to grapple with inadequate service delivery. The growing discontent highlights the pressing need for legislators to prioritize development and collaborate effectively to address long-standing issues and meet the needs of their constituents.

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