Gen Muhoozi calls for solidarity, empowerment

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Gen Muhoozi calls for solidarity, empowerment
Gen Muhoozi at the defence college

In a thought-provoking lecture at the National Defence College, the Chief of Defense Forces, General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, advocated for Africa's amplified presence on the global stage.

Gen Muhoozi said that in a multipolar world, Africa can now assert its concerns on international stage.

He said Africa is historically marginalised, which calls for a paradigm shift towards meaningful unity and solidarity to bolster the continent's strategic strength.

He emphasised the need for Africa to defend itself, industrialize, and build infrastructure, urging for empowerment through economic blocs like BRICS.

"Multipolarity should usher in an equal world with equal opportunities, giving other nations the power to bargain issues of international concern; this is what Africa needs," Muhoozi said.

He underscored the role of solidarity in preventing future world conflicts and commends National Defense College Uganda for enhancing military knowledge, as the institution prepares its second intake for graduation.

The lecture, focused on strategic security and interests, echoes the imperative of African empowerment and unity in shaping a more equitable global order.

As Africa's voice gains prominence, Muhoozi call for solidarity resonates as a beacon of hope for the continent's strategic advancement on the world stage.

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