UCAA suspends study tours at Entebbe Airport as passenger traffic increases

UCAA suspends study tours at Entebbe Airport as passenger traffic increases
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The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, an agency charged with the operation of airports in the country has suspended all study tours at Entebbe International Airport with immediate effect.

The development announced on Thursday will run for unspecified period of time until when the airport is fully upgraded.

“Owing to a growing number of users of the facilities at Entebbe International Airport and in light of the on-going expansion works, which have led to cordoning-off of some areas of the car parking, study tours to the airport have been temporarily suspended to reduce on the congestion,” reads part of the notice that was issued to members of the public this week.

According to Vianney Lugya, the authority’s spokesperson, the move to stop school children at the airport is aimed at enhancing service provision as the facilities are being upgraded for a better passenger experience.

Entebbe international airport is undergoing expansion and upgrading and according to the UCAA,  members of the public are  to be informed as soon as the suspension of study tours is lifted.

It is said  atleast  500 students from various schools visit the airport every week and this development ( has left many school tour organisers stranded.

Recently, authorities reported an increase in traffic at the airport which also led to changes in its control as some vehicles and passengers were barred from the construction spaces.

The sharp increase in the number of passengers at Entebbe was reported in June 2023, when UCAA recorded 80,750 arriving and 80,165 departing passengers, a total of 160,915 international passengers, and an average of 5,363 passengers per day, the highest figure recorded since 2019.

The aviation authority also indicated that arriving passengers are becoming more than departing passengers and this was first reflected in the months of May and June statistics.

“In May 2023, we had 77,912 departures and 79,297 arrivals, a total of 157,209 passengers in the month, an average of 5,071 passengers per day,” said UCAA

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