Bobi Wine’s Nalumansi song gets thumbs down from some music critics, advised to change producer 

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Some music analysts have questioned the quality of Nalumansi, musician turned politician Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine’s latest song, citing lack of lyrical maturity and creativity in it.

The music analysts argue that Kyagulanyi who is also the leader of the National Unity Platform (NUP) is has fallen out of touch with music trends in the country. 

Kyagulanyi released Nalumansi mid March. 

In the song, Kyagulanyi narrates the story of a lover who doesn't appreciate his worth but dines with other men who are just using her.

However, some people have interpreted the song as having an underlying message directed towards the regime, highlighting how they have misused their offices and lost the people's trust.

The song was produced by Daniel Brenny Oyerwot alias Dan Magic who has been instrumental in producing Kygaulanyi’s previous songs but his skills and expertise during this project has been queried by many people who said he did a disservice to the self-proclaimed “ghetto president.”

Despite the song doing well and attracting numbers online, some people feel it’s not worth the debate.

Music critic and a radio presenter who has been in the industry for over 20 years, Edward Ssendikaddiwa advised the artist to change the producer of his songs if he really wants to remain relevant in the industry.

He stated that Kyagulanyi’s new song "Nalumansi" is great and has a good message but the producer did a bad job.

Other critics said that the poor diction and creativity portrayed in the song ruined everything, leaving the singer’s fans disappointed especially those who have been following him for the last 15 years.

Although Kyagulanyi's songs are not only entertaining but also educative, touching on social and political issues affecting the people, many said he lost the track this time round.

“If Bobi wine keeps singing songs like Nalumansi, he will become a Fresh Daddy Pro Max and if he can’t make good music alone, let him give Nubian Li a call asap,” one of his fans commented.

A radio presenter working for Galaxy FM recently expressed disappointment towards the song describing it as “bogus”. Kyagulanyi has however in the past released hit and well produced songs that left his fans yearning for more.

“He should get good producers like Nessim and leave Dan Magic. And if he doesn’t have money, his fans will solicit it for him,” the presenter advised the singer.

Social media blogger and music analyst Isma Olaxess also advised Bobi Wine to change from his usual producer because the (producer) has been using the same beat making the singer’s songs sound monotonous.

Other people noted that Kyagulanyi is still stuck in the old-school music style which is not ideal for the current music market.

Kyagulanyi’s fans have since been hurling insults at those who criticise the artist and the song. Some people believe that the song is trending not because it is good but because of the name of the singer.

Ever since Kyagulanyi joined politics and became a critic of President Museveni's government, he has been unable to hold music concerts because police blocks them. 

In 2018, he petitioned parliament over the continued blocking of his concerts by the government.

Since re-channeling his focus to active politics, Kyagulanyi has been greatly missed in the music industry.

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