17 killed,13 captured as UPDF annihilates ADF in Ntoroko

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The Ugandan army has said that a total of 17 ADF fighters were killed and 13 others captured after crossing into Uganda from nearby DRC and raided villages in Ntoroko district.

According to Maj Gen Dick Olum, the commander of the UPDF Mountain Brigade and Operation Shuja,  in the wee hours of Tuesday morning , a group of rebels crossed and caused havoc in Bweramule sub-county in Ntoroko district where they killed two civilians and injured another.

The 8th Mountain Battalion got information that they had crossed at around 1am between Kyapa and and Kayanja. The civilians gave information to the military and our intelligence officers. The commander of the battalion acted swiftly and followed the rebels. We killed 17 and captured 13 alive,” Maj Gen Olum said.

The UPDF Mountain Division commander noted that among those captured included children as young as 12 years who were part of ADF fighters.

On interrogation, most of children fighters said they were from DRC villages and this could point to the fact they were abducted and forced into rebel activities.

“They look babies and young but were all fighters because we recovered most of those guns from them.”

Gen Olum said with the number of ADF fighters who crossed to Uganda suspected to be 40 and 30 of them either killed or captured, at least 10 could have survived but noted many of these could have drowned in River Semliki as they tried to cross back to DRC following the heavy fire from the UPDF.

In the battle, 15 guns were recovered from the rebel fighters.

The ADF has been accused of carrying out attacks not only in Uganda but also in DRC where they raid villages to kill and loot.

For over a year now, the UPDF has together with its Congolese counterparts, FADRC launched offensives against ADF camps in the thick DRC forests in an operation code named Shuja.

Using fighter jets, artillery and ground troops, UPDF has caused so much damage onto the rebel group and has since scattered.

Reports also indicate that the group’s fighters have since sought refugee in new areas North Kivu and Ituri provinces.

It is believed that due to the pressure exerted on them, ADF has split into small groups , one of which is believed to have attacked Ntoroko.



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