Woman dies after drinking rat poison

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Woman dies after drinking rat poison
Crime scene

A woman in Nakapiripirit District in Karamoja has died after allegedly consuming rat poison following a domestic dispute.

Ms Lucy Ngiro, from Nakorisat Village, is suspected to have taken her own life by drinking rat poison

Witnesses found Ms Ngiro, 57, vomiting under a tree near her home.

The deceased is said to have been drinking heavily throughout the day after she had a misunderstanding with her husband.

The altercation allegedly stemmed from Ms Ngiro's unauthorised use of her visually-impaired husband's money

"When the husband complained, she threatened to take her own life," Mathew Aripunpus, a resident of Namalu, told Nile Post.

People who discovered Ms Ngiro vomiting attempted to revive her but failed.

"We were called to the scene, conducted a postmortem examination, and handed over the body to the relatives for burial," Karamoja Police spokesperson Mike Longole said

Ms Longole emphasised the importance of seeking immediate medical attention in such cases, urging residents to rush emergency cases to the nearest health facility to save lives

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