Pro-age limit MPs adopt red suits

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Members of Parliament opposing the constitutional amendment that seeks to remove age limit have resorted to wearing red suits to parliament.

The MPs have been using red ribbons, however the speaker of parliament ordered them to take off the ribbons in the first plenary before they were suspended.

Security operatives at parliament also persecuted the legislators over the red ribbons, arguing that they were not allowed in the House. Now the MPs have resorted to red suits, claiming that suits are an allowed mode of dressing in the August House.

Legislators, Ibrahim Ssemujju, and Abdu Latiff Ssebagala have already been spotted at parliament clad in complete red attire.

It should be noted that Arua Municipality legislator Ibrahim Abiriga has never been stopped from accessing parliament despite dressing in yellow suits.

In a press briefing last week, Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Winnie Kiiza said the opposition and those against the constitutional amendments had adopted the red colour as a sign of their willingness to fight to death in bid to protect the constitution.

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