FDC warns Sudhir, Pineti, says "fake" investors will pay heavily when they get in power

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The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has warned that all shoddy deals that have been granted to investors by President Museveni will be undone when he inevitably leaves the highest political office in the country.

FDC party spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda while addressing journalists at the party’s Najjanakumbi head offices warned investors against working with President Museveni to “fleece” the country.

“While as a party, we welcome foreign investors into our country, the FDC warns those particular investors who are colluding with Mr Museveni and his government to fleece our country,” Ssemujju said.

“People coming to Uganda please know, these contracts, will not be honoured once the country gets rid of Museveni which is soon,” he stressed.

The comments come at a time when MPs have turned the heat on the defiant Coffee investor, Enrica Pinetti, who is said to have signed a deal with the government that has been described by analysts and coffee farmers as a “gift” to the investor.

Ssemujju said that this same investor was given a contract in 2018 to construct a super-specialized hospital in Lubowa, which she has since failed to fulfil.

“Lubowa the site of the hospital is public land measuring 32 acres. It was given go Pinneti for free,” Ssemujju said.

The Kira Municipality MP said that investors like Pinetti are the reason why the government is now asking for Shs 16 trillion to manage debt as the investors continue to smile their way to the bank.

“This is robbery by Mr Museveni’s government. People coming to Uganda please know, that these contracts, will not be honoured once the country gets rid of Museveni which is soon,” he said.

The party also warned local investors including property magnet Sudhir Ruparelia whom they said is partaking in the looting of the country.

These claim that Sudhir fraudulently obtained 10 acres of land that housed Shimoni Demonstration School, and erected a multi-billion building where he charges exorbitant rates for rent from government.

These warned that Sudhir would cough the money once Museveni's government ceases.


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