UWA investigating the death of 3 lionesses near Queen Elizabeth NP

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By Robert Kule 

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is investigating the circumstances under which three lionesses were electrocuted in Kyangabukama village in Rubirizi District.

The Authority mouthpiece, Bashir Hangi confirmed the incident and told the press that the lionesses were allegedly electrocuted at 9:00 pm on Saturday.

According to the Public Relations Officer – UWA, Bashir Hangi the lionesses were passing through the community land in Kyangabukama and were electrocuted when they got in contact with an electric fence enclosing Irunga Safaris Lodge gardens.

Hangi added that the lionesses, one adult and two sub-adults, were killed instantly.

“They did not die at the same place. Initially, the Rangers had seen two but when the team searched, they discovered the third one,” Hangi said.

He told the press that they notified police in Rubirizi and a Scene of Crime Officer from police was dispatched to make an investigation before and a postmortem was conducted before they were transported to Mweya to dispose of the carcasses.

Hangi also said that they searched and have not yet seen any injured one. “This is the first of its kind in the Queen Elizabeth Conservation area,” he added.

Yusuf Mugisa, a resident in the area, told the Press that he was informed by his children that lions were coming before they ran inside for their dear lives.

Mugisa added that after a few minutes, they heard the lions screaming and when they walked outside, they saw two lions were already dead.

Mugisa explained that he immediately notified UWA at Rubirizi offices and they arrived at 10:00 pm and kept at the scene until morning.

The area Vice-Chairperson, Elizabeth Nalukwago regretted the incident.

Nalukwago acknowledged that the Country has lost a lot since the wild beasts are a real attraction to the tourists.

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