Renewable energy sector players want incentives from government

Players in renewable energy sector have called upon government to subside taxes and provide incentives to those who deal or purchase renewable energy in the country.

They said this will increase the energy uptake, which is currently low compared to the government’s targets.

For over a decade, Ugandan entrepreneurs have been investing in renewable energy for sustainable development in the process attracting billions of dollars from venture capital funders.

Among the many who have ventured into renewable energy is Masrcorp Improved Institutional Cooking Eco Stoves, a firm which basically deals in institutional solar-aided kitchens designed to save firewood by up to 70% compared to other stoves.

With the capacity of supplying over 300,000 schools annually with this type of cooking stove, the acting marketing manager, Lumu Claus Achilles, said the closure of schools impacted on the growth of the business.

He said the company is committed to working with the ministry of Education and Sports, NEMA, and financial institutions to help schools cut cooking costs and promote clean energy.

The solar-assisted stoves use a combination of magma rocks (70%) and briquettes or charcoal (30%). It is supported by a solar-powered air system that pushes air into the rocks to drive combustion. It saves up to 60% of the cooking bills.

This high-efficiency stove has a lifetime durability designed for a clean cooking experience, faster cooking and efficient biomass consumption.

Masrcorp provides the charcoal, which is gotten from volcanic roots at a reduced rate.

Experts believe that with their efforts, there is hope that Uganda will be able to reduce the effects of climate change.

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