Reasons he will never leave his wife for you

Love Therapist

One of the biggest reasons side dishes hang in there is hope that this man will leave his wife for her one day. Hope that this man will wake up one day and make her his number one priority.

These women believe that this man is so tired of the stress at home and needs her to forget that the wife exists.

Men will tell you that if they had met you before they made the biggest mistake of their life, they would have married you. That they had lost all hope in love till they met you.

A man will swear that they have to go home just for formality, but their heart is right where you are. That their mind and soul stay with you even when their body is in bed with the monster at home.

You have heard the lies too many times, but you find yourself believing anyway.

I am not saying that every man is married to the love of their life. No. And I am not saying that he doesn't love you as a side dish. In his own way, he believes you are what it takes to make his marriage work.


Yeah, you read right. You are a way for him to figure out how to deal with the Mrs. at home. You are where his mind runs to when the love of his life is quarreling about the few things that he has not done right.

He will not leave his wife because as much as you bring the sex styles from Mars, he has mastered the wife's body that when he wants some but doesn't want it to feel like a gym, the wife gives him the right sex.

He will not leave his wife because he knows that no matter what he feels during the time he is with you, all days won't be angelic, so well, better the devil he knows.

As much he tries to keep you posted about what he is going through, he knows in his heart of hearts that he will have the same conversation with the Mrs. They will have to decide as a family, and you will always be left on the sidelines.

Oh, how they use their kids as the reason why they are still in that marriage. Men love their children. Now imagine how deep the love for the person that mothered them is.

Some men are very spiritual, regardless of how they come off. Men will kneel in front of God and explain that you are a temptation they need to get rid of.

All I am saying is that he is not leaving his wife because "for better, for worse" means so much more than you will ever know. Men fear what could happen if they break the promise they made before God and family.

So next time you open up for him, please remember to enjoy the sex and the benefits that come with it, but protect your heart because I can assure you, you are not the first and not the last, and he is definitely going back home to the wife and kids.

Till next time, sex is not all it takes.

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