NRM Vows Renewed Crackdown on Corruption as Arrested MPs Face Scrutiny

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NRM Vows Renewed Crackdown on Corruption as Arrested MPs Face Scrutiny
Richard Todwong

In an unprecedented move, the NRM has decided to meticulously scrutinize candidates for the chairperson positions of parliamentary committees. Following a three-day evaluation period, those who pass the vetting process will be announced.

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party has distanced itself from three parliamentarians recently arrested on corruption charges, signaling a tougher stance against graft. This follows a pledge by NRM Secretary General Richard Todwong for a thorough government cleanup.

Todwong emphasized a rigorous vetting process for chairperson positions of parliamentary committees, with the final list to be announced today. This unprecedented move comes amidst public shock over the arrests and lingering concerns about the party's past anti-corruption efforts.

While the NRM downplays the meeting's focus on the arrested members, Todwong reiterated the party's unwavering commitment to fighting corruption. All those arrested will face the full force of the law, he assured.

This resolute stance comes with a promise of consequences. Todwong reaffirmed the NRM's determination to cleanse the government, warning that anyone involved in corruption will be held accountable.

The recent arrests add pressure to President Yoweri Museveni's long-standing vow to curb corruption. Despite repeated promises, the issue remains a significant challenge for Uganda.

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