Ugandans call for justice reforms at national court open day

Ugandans call for justice reforms at national court open day
Chief Justice Owiny- Dollo

By Adam Nuwamanya

Litigants embroiled in long-standing land disputes raised their voices in frustration, calling upon Justice Minister Nobert Mao and Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo to intervene, citing a loss of trust in the judicial system.

The plea for reform came during the inaugural national court open day yesterday organized by the Judiciary at Kololo Independence grounds.

Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo responded to the litigants' concerns by advocating for alternative dispute resolution as a means to expedite the resolution of lingering cases.

"Litigants with long-lasting cases are encouraged to embrace alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to address their grievances," Dollo said.

The event at Kololo Independence grounds saw a convergence of stakeholders from various sectors within the justice law and order sector, showcasing the products of their mandates and providing a platform for litigants to openly express their grievances before the courts.

Among the grievances aired were allegations of corruption scandals and misconduct by some lawyers, particularly in land disputes.

The Executive Director of Legal Aid Service Provider's Network, Dr. Sylivia Namubiru, accused the government of lacking the will to push for the Legal Aid Bill, a sentiment echoed by Bernard Oundo, the president of the Uganda Law Society.

Oundo pointed to this as a contributing factor to the widespread evasion of court by the public.

In response, Minister of Justice Nobert Mao highlighted the Judiciary's efforts.

"The Judiciary deserves credit for its commitment to delivering justice to all."


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