Warafiki, Maddox shut down Comedy Store

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Warafiki, Maddox shut down Comedy Store
Warafiki performing

Singing trio  OF Warafiki are surely enjoying their time at Fenon entertainment.

Besides getting to record their music free of charge from some of the country’s top producers, the three ladies are currently rubbing shoulders with the big players in the industry and performing alongside them.

This week, Warafiki got an opportunity to sing on the same stage with legendary Maddox Ssemanda Sematimba during the comedy store event at Roza Dymz.

The artistes not only performed but also impressed during their showcase that had them doing songs like Bwekati and their latest single Tetubafanana.

Madrat and Chiko on stage

Their dance routines, vocal abilities and stage presence excited many in the audience who were seen singing along to the songs.

The weekly show had Maddox headlining it with his all-time classics including Namagembe, Nakatudde, Kampala, Easy and Omukwano among others while Isaac Rucci also performed at the event.

Being both a musical and comedy show, Mariachi was clearly the best comedian during the evening with his same jokes that the crowd can’t stop enjoying every time he delivers them.

Napoleon Emma, Bobi Brown and Nilo Nilo as well as Madrat and Chiko are some of the other comedians who performed while Kalera Omusoga hosted the night that also featured the Heavy Band whose live performance lasted more than 40 minutes where they did covers of Ugandan, African and oldies music to keep the audience occupied before the acts on stage.

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