Govt reiterates warning against holiday classes

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Govt reiterates warning against holiday classes
Every end of term, the government warns against holiday teaching but nothing happens thereafter

Despite this, numerous educational institutions have adopted the practice of keeping learners engaged in studies even during holidays.

The Ministry of Education and Sports has issued a stern warning against conducting teaching and coaching activities for learners during holidays, as the first term of 2024 approaches its conclusion.

Starting on February 5 and ending on Friday, May 2, term one leaves only one week for students to enjoy their break.

Despite this, numerous educational institutions have adopted the practice of keeping learners engaged in studies even during holidays.

Joyce Moriku Kadacu, the minister of state for primary education, emphasised that such practices will not be tolerated. Addressing reporters in Kampala

"The Ministry of Education and Sports will not condone holiday teaching and coaching in any school," Moriku sai.

"It is imperative that schools adhere to the regulations and standards set by the Ministry. Our laws, regulations, and guidelines do not permit holiday teachings. Therefore, caution is advised."

Minister Moriku also urged parents to pay special attention to the well-being of their daughters during the holiday period, aiming to prevent teenage pregnancies and early marriages.

She emphasized the importance of counseling both boys and girls on reproductive health and rights, advocating for abstinence.

Additionally, she encouraged parents to instill Christian values, cultural norms, morals, and social etiquette in their children, emphasizing responsible use of social media by monitoring and regulating their access to it.

Reflecting on the smooth progress of teaching and learning during term one, Moriku acknowledged the unfortunate incidents of fire outbreaks in some schools in Busia district, which resulted in loss of life, injuries, and property damage. She also noted a red eye conjunctivitis outbreak during the term.

Despite these challenges, Moriku commended the discipline and dialogue-oriented approach demonstrated by learners, as no strikes were reported in schools. She expressed gratitude to school administrators, teachers, and students for their dedication.

Looking ahead to term two, the ministry emphasised the importance of all schools, especially those with boarding facilities, meeting minimum standards and basic requirements, particularly regarding sleeping arrangements, sanitation facilities, fire safety measures, and lightning protection.

Meanwhile, Uganda will participate in the inaugural National Play Day on April 30 joining the global community in recognizing play as a fundamental aspect of children's learning and well-being.

The celebration under the theme, "Introducing the concept of play and learning through play", will take place at Kololo Independence Ground, with the First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Mrs Janet Kataha Museveni, presiding as the chief guest.

The event aims to educate stakeholders on the importance of play in children's development and to showcase play-based learning interventions.

Parents are encouraged to actively engage in playful activities with their children as part of their daily routines.

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