UBA’s Read Africa project promotes literacy at Kampala school

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UBA’s Read Africa project promotes literacy at Kampala school
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In a bid to curb the poor reading culture plaguing the youth in Uganda, United Bank for Africa's UBA Foundation  has this year kicked off a program to visit different schools starting with  Emma High School in Kyebando- Kisalosalo in Kampala to equip them with literature.

Led by Executive Director Mr. Kisambira Kenneth, a dedicated team from UBA visited the school with the aim of instilling love for reading among students and inspire a passion for lifelong learning.

The event saw engaging sessions where students were encouraged to explore the world of books and understand the importance of literacy in their academic and personal growth.

Through interactive discussions and storytelling, the UBA Uganda team emphasized the value of reading as a tool for empowerment and knowledge acquisition.

In addition to promoting literacy, UBA Foundation also demonstrated its commitment to environmental sustainability by donating items aimed at conserving the environment of the school.

This initiative aims at supporting schools across the country in combating climate challenges and fostering a culture of environmental

responsibility among students and the wider community.

During his address, Mr. Kisambira Kenneth emphasized the importance of reading, financial literacy and encouraged students to cultivate the habit of saving from an early age.

He advised them to avoid shortcuts in life, instead focus on hard work and perseverance in order to achieve their goals.

Speaking about the initiative, Kisambira  highlighted the foundation's commitment to promoting education, youth developments and environmental conservation.

He emphasized the significance of initiatives like Read Africa in fostering a culture of literacy and empowering the next generation with knowledge and ideas that are found in books.

Hoziana Niyonsaba, the Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications at UBA, encouraged students to participate in the different students’ initiatives that UBA runs like the annual national essay competition to enhance their writing skills.

She highlighted the competition as a great opportunity for winners to receive assistance for higher studies.

The head teacher of Emma High School,  Herman Mukiibi appreciated UBA for such initiatives that empower the young generation, conserve the environment and encourage students to look for more knowledge and ideas through books.

He confirmed that part of their curriculum are such activities that involve students in practical skills that make them better which has helped them to maintain a clean environment of the whole school and able to see many of their students to higher educational levels.

UBA Foundation remains dedicated to its mission of literacy programs in communities across Africa, driving sustainable development through education and empowering youths for a brighter future.

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