Concerns over blood shortage

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Concerns over blood shortage
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Uganda Blood Transfusion Services has decried shortage of blood with in hospitals across the county.

The call was made during the blood donation drive in Kampala facilitated by the Uganda blood transfusion services in partnership with with Uganda free zones aimed at giving platform to individuals who would wish to donate and save peoples lives.

According to blood donor recruiter, Ms Esther Awora, Uganda still needs more blood to sustain accredited facilities since the country is now having the capacity of other disease burdens.

Ms Awora urged the public and organisations to support blood banks in mobilising the donors to donate blood.

“We have to encourage the public and other organizations to come and support in the mobilization towards the donation of blood , through that ;we shall continue saving many lives,” Awora said.

Uganda Blood Transfusion Services has a target of collecting 300,000 units annually.

Uganda Free Zones Authority officials led by publicist Doreen Kembabazi said ahead of the Heroes Day, all people who turn up to donate are considered as heroes due to the fact that they saves many lives.

“Any one who donates blood is saving a mother, father, a child among others who is in need," Kembabazi  said.

"So we call upon all individuals to come always turn up whenever the call to donate blood is made."

She added the same charitable drives will be facilitated to be carried out across the country.

According to officials, the country has increased cases of accident victims, sickle cell patients, major surgeries, cancer patients, anaemic patients, among others, that require blood transfusion.

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