LIVE: Age Limit debate

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The parliamentary session kicked off on high, a few highlights you could have missed.

15:25pm: Makindye legislator, Allan Ssewanyana has returned to the House in a different outfit, he is now putting on a red suit.

15:26pm: Mityana municipality MP, Zaake Butebi who was allegedly clobbered by Gen Katumba Wamala takes the floor to narrate his ordeal, he takes off cap to reveal the head injuries he suffered but the speaker asks him not to.

15:44pm: Karuhanga: I stand here to raise an issue that has seen the entire country largely awash of the same. Ugandans have be aware of a very critical matter where Minister of Foreign Affairs has been accused of participating in bribery at the international level.

15:45pm: Karuhanga: Before the appointment of Minister Kuteesa, we questioned his credibility and asked that other credible men and Women be given the chance to represent Uganda at an international level.

Karuhanga then asks the Kutesa be allowed to make a statement regarding the bribery allegations.

15:48pm: Rukutana raises to speak: Hon. Karuhanga is raising the matter and allegations based on media reports....but Karuhanga interrupts; "The document I'm referring to is a court document."

15:50pm: MP Ssekikubo: It is only fair that Minister Sam Kutesa comes to this house to make a statement about the bribery accusation. One minister was arrested for Ugx 5 million as a bribe, but we have a shark who no one is touching.

15:51pm: MP Ssegona: I ask that the Prime Minister makes a statement about the allegations in media against Minister Sam Kuteesa.

15:52pm: MP Ssemujju: I put this house on notice that tomorrow, i will be moving a motion, and I hope that the Attorney general who was on the same charge sheet during CHOGM appreciates this motion. He says he also supports the matter on floor, that Kutesa makes statement regarding the allegations.

15:59pm: Speaker Kadaga rules saying that she will look at all the documents on the bribery allegations.

Meanwhile Frank Tumwebaze takes the debate on twitter;

16:00pm: Parliament now moves to Anti-Counterfeiting Goods Bill, 2015; Minister Werikhe says he needs more time to have bill considered. A disappointed Kadaga asks the minister to behave responsibly, asks the government chief whip to get the minister in “line”.

Nankabirwa apologised for wasting parliament’s time, proposed that the minister is given one last time (a week) to present the Bill.

16:13pm: Speaker Kadaga gives the Minister for trade one more week. House now moves to biofuels Bill.


16:20Pm: Alex Byarugaba, chairperson of the Natural Resources Committee presenting the report on the Biofuels Bill, 2016.

Yes, we are asking the same question as Benon Twinamasiko. It seems legislators have gone out, they will return when age limit starts.

16:30pm: Meanwhile, Female youth MP, Anna Adeke Ebaju claims that NRM legislators have been given Shs40m and a 2 year term extension each to pass the age limit Bill.

16:33pm: However, Minister for ICT, Frank Tumwebaze was quick to dismiss the claims, as desperate lies.

"So how did Shs700m that you opposition earlier alleged was 2 b given 2 each NRM MP change now to Shs 40m? Contest on ideas and not blackmail. Stop blackmailing and insulting those opposed to you. No wonder those in your party with different ideas are branded moles," he said.


Meanwhile according to a survey by CCEDU, here are some findings; 

• Total number of MPs eligible to vote- 436

• Supporting the Bill – 276

• Opposed to the Bill – 116

• Undecided – 38

• Required two thirds majority - 290

But some NRM legislators say this is not true;


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